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CS4000 Enterprise Software Features

The Custom Software Edge

If your business is unique, your software should be. It should grow with your business, not limit your business growth. At Compu-Sult, we don't force you into a “cookie cutter” mlm software package. We customize our mlm software to support YOUR specific company needs and objectives. We develop every plan imaginable – Binary, Forced Matrix, Unilevel, Australian 1 and 2-up, Stair-Step, Infinity, Matching Bonus, Generational, Hybrid, and Combination. If we have not already done it, we can do it!


We provide high-end mlm software that is priced thousands below the industry average. We do not charge per distributor. We offer multiple options to fit your budgeting needs – fixed monthly lease, lease-to-own (with no finance charges), or outright purchase. We know your business will change over time, so we willingly perform reasonable modifications to your mlm software without overly-expensive upgrade charges. Bottom line: With Compu-Sult you get a robust custom mlm software solution with numerous features at prices thousands of dollars less than the competition.


We have offered outstanding custom MLM software solutions to hundreds of businesses at an affordable cost for nearly 25 years. We have created software for start-up and growth MLM companies, which include one of the top 5 fastest growing in the history of the industry. We know that any software is only as good as the support behind it, which is why our quick response time and effective software solution management ensures that your business needs are always met before, during, and after implementation. Our software and support is second to none. No endless voicemail systems or slow responses via email. You will always communicate with a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Cutting Edge

Compu-Sult is committed to making itself the mlm software company of choice for business professionals in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry by providing high-end, quality mlm software solutions at affordable pricing supported by superior customer care. We utilize the latest Microsoft technologies and Mobile Development technologies in our software.

Compu-Sult got us up and running quickly and at an affordable cost. They are also there when we have any questions that need to be answered. Its like having them as part of our company.

Why Choose Us

Our software is designed to scale quickly withy our business, whether you grow slowly, or are enrolling thousands per day.

Our backoffice and shopping cart are mobile/tablet friendly, utilizing the latest Bootstrap framework.

    Web-Based MLM Software Technology 
  1. Completely web-based software utilizing Microsoft technologies.
  2. Custom-written ASP and ASP.net technology.
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 backend database.
  4. Regularly performed server back-ups.
  5. RAID-1 technology for ultimate data redundancy.

    Commission Software Features 
  6. Process new distributor/customer enrollment in real-time.
  7. Calculate commissions real-time or automatically at a designated time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  8. Access distributor information via secured login page.
  9. View genealogy information real-time.
  10. Completely web based administration software that is built with Microsoft technologies.

    Highly Secure Administrative Environment 
  11. Highly secure username and password-protected applications.
  12. Administrator and common level user designation capabilities.
  13. User profile management (Assign, modify, or delete user rights and security levels).

    Web Replicator Module (Website must be hosted on a Windows server) 
  14. Allow distributors to have a personalized URL to give to potential distributors. Ex: http://www.yourcompany.com/bob/.
  15. Allow distributors to choose a welcome message seen by potential distributors.
  16. Allow distributors to change their URL (Optional).
  17. Online enrollment forms have sponsor information automatically populated.
  18. Contact information on web site shows sponsor’s email address and phone number to help reduce customer service inquiries (Optional).

    Real-time Capabilities 
  19. New distributor/customer enrollment.
  20. Commission calculation (daily, weekly or monthly processing can be designated).
  21. Genealogy generation and viewing.

    Merchant Account Integration 
  22. Our software supports several popular gateways for processing on-line and electronic payments with Authorize.net®, Verisign®, ECHOnline®, Payoneer®, iPayout®, ProPay®, USAePay®, ACH Direct®.

    New Distributor/Customer Entry Screen 
  23. Collect specific customer/distributor profile information, such as full name, address, city, state, zip, phone, fax, business phone, email address, sponsor information, placement information, and ID Number.
  24. Collect specific distributor/customer payment information, such as paid by check, money order, credit card, ACH, etc.

    Distributor Maintenance 
  25. View specific distributor information, such as ID number, sponsor information, payment information, enrollment amount, monthly bonus program participation, downline organization, commissions earned, pending commission status, Active/Inactive status.
  26. Access product order information.
  27. Query information via shipment tracking numbers, order shipment dates, or receipt confirmation numbers.
  28. Allow distributors to enter placement information for newly sponsored distributors.
  29. Allow distributors to update and manage their personal information online, reducing customer service issues.

    Distributor Search Function 
  30. Search by ID number.
  31. Search by name (first or last).
  32. Search by e-mail address.
  33. Search by website name.
  34. Search by phone number.

    General and Extended Genealogy Reports 
  35. Generate and print detailed reports disclosing downline organizations, commissions earned, current sales activity, and bonus plan information.
  36. Extended genealogy reports contain all general genealogy items plus phone numbers and address information.
  37. Customize additional information.
  38. View genealogy reports in list view or graphical view formats.

    Group Email Module 
  39. Instantly email the entire database.
  40. Send plain text or HTML messages with names personalized to messages.

    Product Maintenance Screen 
  41. Post products to your website to make available for distributor/customer purchase.
  42. Modify product details.
  43. Set wholesale and retail prices for individual products.
  44. Control product taxation rates.

    Product Reports 
  45. Create Daily Product Orders reports.
  46. Create Products Sold Totals reports.
  47. Create Product Inventory reports.

    Auto-ship Module 
  48. Create new auto-ship orders.
  49. Automatically generate auto-ship orders on a daily basis.
  50. Print invoice for each order.
  51. Establish auto-ship intervals.
  52. Determine the length of time of any auto-ship order.
  53. Establish specific auto-ship “next” dates.

    Excel® Exports 
  54. Export nearly every report to an Excel® file.
  55. Create labels, special accounting reports, or customized reports.

    Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Summary Reports
  56. Generate company income and expense reports.
  57. Monitor vital information, such as new distributors, new customers, total product sales, commissions paid, percentage of payout, top position total payout, payout by level, and inactive members.
  58. Create report statistics by day, week, month, and inception-to-date.

    Print Checks 
  59. Designate daily, weekly, or monthly commission check printing schedules.
  60. Print commissions on blank or pre-printed check stock.
  61. Software can be customized to print any requested distributor information on the checks.

    CheX® Bank Draft Module 
  62. Create bank drafts on blank check stock based on specific distributor ACH information.
  63. MICR numbers are at the bottom of the check.
  64. Eliminate bank draft double entries.
  65. Perform batch runs.
  66. Automatically verify routing numbers to significantly reduce bank draft error costs.

    Tech Support via Email, Internet, and Phone
  67. Receive exceptional software support.
  68. Always speak with a “live” person.
  69. Quickly resolve issues and receive answers to questions.